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I love this so much. No one has ever drawn my character before so seeing her and not just in my head is great. She looks exactly as I p...

I love everything about this. The shading is amazing, the positioning of the character and his facial expression. I can't get over that...

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Don't Go (Riddler x Scarecrow) (Friends)
“No…no no please don’t leave me here…don’t leave me here all alone…” Dulled emerald eyes stared out blankly at the walls of the underground lair, no longer vibrant and full of life, once red lips now blue and covered with dried blood. Edward Nigma, known as Riddler, had died three days ago after some of the Arkham security guards had shot him down in front of the other inmates as a lesson for obedience, the red-head having no chance to survive as he died with a bullet to the forehead as a “mercy” killing. While the Rogues may not have liked each other, they were all stunned to see one of their own shot down like a dog, and rioted, killing the guards the most painful ways they knew. No one noticed Edward’s body being dragged down deep within Arkham Asylum, one of the most infamous Rogues having vanished within the fighting. Jonathan Crane couldn’t believe his best friend, his only friend, had died and tried to patch him u
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 5 8
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Time to Dye
"Kitty, don't! Please, just come out and let's talk about this!" Sammy pleaded while banging on the bathroom door and yanking on the handle.
"No this is my choice! I want to do this you can't stop me!"
"What am I going to tell the Riddler then?! Think of the consequences!"
"I don't care anymore! Why can't you just understand?"
Sam sighed and made one final plea, "Please.... you don't need to do this...."
Kitty was silent as she took out the supplies she needed to complete the deed and to keep the mess she'd make to a minimum she turned on the tap and leaned over it. Soon a crimson colour was spilled into the sink only to be quickly washed away.
After a few hours Edward returned home from his heist only to be greeted by Sammy apologizing over and over and telling him how he tried to stop her. The Riddler froze for a moment and quickly rushed down the hall but stopped at the only locked door. The main bathroom. Taking out his master key he jammed it into the lock and thrusted the door op
:iconkitty-key-chan:kitty-key-chan 2 2
Love and rivalry by kitty-key-chan Love and rivalry :iconkitty-key-chan:kitty-key-chan 4 6
First night
It was late at night in the Riddler's hideout and Sammy and Kitty's first night with the emerald clad man. They had to share a room and a bed until the Riddler could finish their actual rooms. Sam was out like a light, but Kitty was wide awake and untrusting of the villain who invited them to study under them, sure he was very kind after seeing both of their skills and was extremely impressed that two street kids could pull of a heist so flawlessly but Kitty knew that this was Gotham city and kindness rarely meant anything. She kept Sammy in a protective embrace as he slept...he believed in people's kindness far too much of course she might have helped fuel that.
Her thoughts were interrupted when their 'mentor' open the door a crack and strode in. She didn't even attempt to hide the scowl on her face as he crouched in front of her.
"I know you're awake" he whispered softly, "I made some tea, come along, I think we need to have a chat" He stood up and waited for her to follow. Kitty sm
:iconkitty-key-chan:kitty-key-chan 2 4
30 Day OTP Day 10
"You're so lucky Kitten, having cat DNA. The extra balance, turning into a cat, plus the ears and tail are SO sexy~" that earned him a light slap on the back of his head from Kitty.
"You're wrong and a pervert. Good job, you got an upgrade" Kitty teased.
"Well you don't need to worry about me deleting you baby girl~" Offender chuckled, "anyway, before you hit me any harder...."
"What?" She asked opening a can of pop
"I am SO going to prove how awesome your cat genes are, we're heading to slender!" Offender yanked Kitty onto his lap making her shriek ad drop her pop, "Pets~ One of you clean up that spill!" he called to the ones that took the rose and teleported off.
"Offender what are you doing here this time?" Slender sighed as his brother teleport onto his desk, sitting right on top of the papers he was trying to work on.
"I want some of Kitty's cat genes!" He grinned
"Only if you can make it temporary and don't mind" Kitty added slamming her hand over Offender's mouth.
Slender nodded
:iconkitty-key-chan:kitty-key-chan 3 0
The Riddler is Better Than You by realityhelix The Riddler is Better Than You :iconrealityhelix:realityhelix 84 29 Xellos and Filia 1 by HitokiriSakura2012 Xellos and Filia 1 :iconhitokirisakura2012:HitokiriSakura2012 357 106




sammy202's Profile Picture
I'm a Pan sexual Trans-male. Just putting that out there. Anything else you want to know about me, feel free to ask.




Dreams in chaos
Splendor isn't mine but this one is. I have it that when he dreams, if a bubble is popped, it becomes real. Or when he's very tired but awake, there are things floating around him. Like fish.

Base belongs to
I do not own Trender but this is my version of him. He's just chilling.

Base belongs to Moshi pixels. I couldn't find them again.
Young Slender
Slender belongs to his own person though this is my version of him.
Base is made by…
Slender and Ani
The last paint night I did with characters added. 
Ani belongs to aniseth-lightwing.deviantart.c…
Sorry for being so inactive but I thought I'd pop on real quick to let everyone know what's been going on. I got diagnosed with cancer about 2 years back but it was benign. Last Christmas, close to New Year's, I was told it became aggressive. I have been in too much pain to sit at my computer for long periods of time. I am going in for surgery tomorrow to hopefully remove it and if not, the radiation and chemotherapy will be what follows.  I just wanted to give you all a heads up as to why I have kind of gone dark lately. I do plan on working on some stuff once I am able.
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  • Eating: pickles
  • Drinking: ice tea


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